Yes. Rather than provide demo or test fonts that might have limited functionality, we prefer to see rising creatives legitimately build the font library. As such, we offer 60% discounts on all Positype fonts purchased through this platform. Codes are specifically generated for each person and tied to their email addresses.

Yes, there are varying options for a Broadcast or Streaming License. These licenses specifically pertain to usage in:

  • On-air or on-demand TV shows/series/events

  • Feature film or movies

  • Broadcast networks

  • Spec campaigns for advertising/marketing usage and/or promotional videos/films/productions

To provide the greatest degree of flexibility with this license, pricing is tiered based on level of usage (e.g. branding, titling, infomatics, etc.)

Broadcast licenses are provided as an addendum to your required Desktop License and can be purchased together with an approved estimate. Feel free to contact us via for further information to determine the best license for your needs.

Yes. You can easily add to your license by visiting the specific typeface, selecting what is needed and the volume, and purchasing. This will add the font files to your account and expand the license.


Email us through the contact form on this site. It’s simple to calculate and deliver what you need.

Yes. You can easily add to your license by visiting the specific typeface, selecting what is needed and the volume, and purchasing. This will add the font files to your account and expand the license.

No. Our Webfont license includes the use of WOFF and WOFF2 font file formats only. (please inquire for EOT formats) Additionally, other font replacement techniques that include Cufon, typeface.js or any other exchange format are not allowed by any license offered by Positype.

No. Doing so would void your Desktop license. Contact us directly to amend your current license to include Webfont usage.

Yes. Keep reading. If you only have a desktop license of a Positype font and want to use it on your website you have three options: create images, create XML-based vector images, or amend your license. Creating images (pngs, jpgs, or gifs) of the text you want on the site can be produced easily using several image-editing applications. Using Adobe® Illustrator® to produced XML-based vector images in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format is permitted as long as all text using Positype fonts is converted to paths before saving. Amending your existing license to include Webfont usage would give you access to an additional set of web-compliant file formats that work in concert with CSS @font-face implementation. Contact us directly to make this process easier.

Custom Fonts

You have the right to modify the vector outlines of a Positype font that YOU have licensed using any drawing program, such as Adobe® Illustrator®. Opening or decompiling the fonts in any font editing program, modifying, amending, renaming and/or generating a font file with your changes is expressly prohibited. Period. You many not create new font files from modifying or amending Positype vector data. If you would like to make modifications to a Positype font, you must first consult with Positype to determine the best course of action. In many instances, this can be handled directly by Positype and not void your license.

Feel free to contact us via our Contact Form for further guidance and pricing.


Mistakes can happen, but you have to work fast to correct the wrong font weight/style/format. Contact us within 3 days of your purchase for assistance.

If you initiated and completed a successful purchase on the Positype website, you will have immediate access to the font files through a direct link provided afterwards.

You will also have access to your order and font download links via your Positype account at any time. To access your account, click on the avatar from the menu, located in the upper right on the Positype site.

Font files are clearly labeled as to intended use.


Yes. Please review Article 2d. Commercial Printers/Service Bureaus of the Desktop End User License Agreement for further clarification.

Yes. A Desktop License will allow you to install the font(s) on both your desktop workstation and your laptop.


Maybe. Personal logo? Yes. Small company or startup? Yes. As part of a branding package for established company? Yes and No. Contact us to make sure your license is clear or if it needs to be expanded based on how that company will ultimately end up using it. If you're a designer, make sure you’ve licensed the typefaces for your customer and not just you (that means paying for their license or guiding them to do it themselves). If you plan on using it for any other type of entity, it is best to check with us first to get the “all-clear” or modify your existing license.

From Desktop EULA: 2. License: Permitted Use and Restrictions…
i. Logos.You may use the Font Software in development of a logo, corporate identity, or branding system as well as employ a reasonable number of modifications on a limited number of glyphs. These modifications, however, cannot be employed into a separate work font software.

j. Use In Branding Systems and Corporate Identities.You may use the Font Software as part or whole of a corporate identity or branding system as long as a separate license is obtained on the End User’s behalf in line with their expected usage, including: workstation installations, web fonts, appfonts, etc.

No. Considering the terms of the any of the available Positype licenses, your client is required to have their own license for the typefaces being used or to be used and adhering to the necessary number of computers. You can license this on their behalf, by providing the necessary information during purchase. 

Please note: you will also be required to have a license. Think of it as a toothbrush. Everyone really should have their own toothbrush or it's kinda gross. Don't share toothbrushes ;-)

No. Considering the terms of the any of the available Positype licenses, your vendor or agency is required to have their own license for the typefaces being used or to be used and adhering to the necessary number of computers. You can license this on their behalf, by providing the necessary information during purchase. Before you do that, you might want to contact us to see if a custom license could save you money.

In general, each entity needs their own separate license to use the fonts legally.

Please note: you will also be required to have a license. Think of it as a lollipop. Sharing a lollipop is kinda gross. Don't share lollipops ;-)

Education Discounts

Yes. Savings can be significant. Contact us directly for more information.


Yes. Unsettling. As a young child, I read It. Nope. Nope. Nope.


All sales of font software licenses are final.

Sorry, but we can’t refund money on font license purchases. There is no way for us to verify that you no longer hold copies of the font software and, as such, cannot provide a refund.

We do warranty our digital fonts against defects that render them unusable within the intended system environment and can be replaced by the same software if accompanied with purchase receipt and we are notified within 10 days of purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of Positype font software or specific questions regarding the use of any Positype font, please submit your inquiry through the webmail form on our Contact Form.


By using this website, you agree to our privacy policy terms as outlined below. If you do not agree to these terms, do not access or use this site. Positype reserves the right to change these terms at any time. Your use of this site will be subject to the most current terms outlined here.

Your Personal Information. We do not collect personal information on this site unless you choose to give it to us. The one place on the site where you can choose to give us personal information is by purchasing a typeface license, wherein we will ask you that you provide sufficient information to process this transaction, including: your name, address, phone number, email address, and (if a purchase is made) your credit card details. We do not collect identifiable information about you if you only browse our website.

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